• Sunday life: I quit sugar This week I quit sugar (part 1) * Dear reader, most of you have read my “I quit sugar” posts over the past few weeks and are probably wondering ‘why’s she going over this again’? Well, this should give you an insight into the turn-around times in publishing. I wrote this Sunday Life column at more
  • I chat with Sweet Poison author and get answers…a video (yes!) My first video*. Rather thrilled. Especially since it’s an interview with David Gillespie, the author of Sweet Poison, who inspired me to quit sugar almost three weeks ago. It was a stinker of a day when we did this in the garden of one of my favourite Bondi cafes, Greens. It’s a little long. We more
  • Tuesday Eats: the problem with breakfast I’ve been sugar-free for 16 days now. With a minuscule exception.** Huge. I’ve employed a range of tricks for quitting. What’s been trickiest? Chocolate? Dessert? Nope. Breakfast. Breakfast is dripping in sugar. Cereal, muesli, muffins, banana bread, fruit salad, yoghurt, jam, peanut butter. Even Promite!!! If you eat out or on the run, it’s worse. more
  • I quit sugar #3 (why sugar makes us fat) OK. So this is where it gets interesting and a little bit tricky. As in, good tricky. Today I’m going to cover off two key issues. Yesterday I said I’m eating more (good) fat and protein as a way of getting me through this quit sugar business. This is in part cos fat and protein more
  • I quit sugar #2 (first step is to start eating more fat…yes!) I posted on Monday to say I’m quitting sugar. Well, it’s been three days. And I’m going great. Although you have to be so careful…I ordered a chai tea at a shoot on Tuesday and it came with honey already in it. So far, no withdrawals… because I’ve been upping my fat intake. I shall more
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