• Elizabeth Gilbert on showing up It’s TED”s fifth birthday. 1000 talks, 81 languages, viewed 1/2 billion times. So I went back and watched one of the most popular talks: Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and the fear we have around…just doing it. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86x-u-tz0MA&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] I’ve been talking about this over the week in Sydney with friends who are blocked. They’re creative. In more
  • five Ted.com talks you should watch this week In my bumpy journey to find what makes life better, I’ve found this works: watching Ted.com every now and then. I subscribe to their newsletter and save the ones I like. There is so much cheap opining out there; to watch people who actually know their shit humbly share their findings, is refreshing. I mention more
  • sunday life: in which “deep talking” has a comeback This week I talk deep Remember the 90s? Ah, yes, they were such earnest, toe-gazing, reflective times. Folk would Quick Unpick the Nike logos off their sportswear (making branded statements was so tawdry), and debate whether you could wear lipstick and still be regarded a feminist. Gosh, we cared back then! In the 90s we’d more
  • is this why you blog + tweet? actually, why do you blog + tweet? This popped up on TED.com this morning – a rant by Clay Shirky an expert in “technology as a force for good” (who I’ve interviewed previously and just loved his energy) . Here he rants about how our excess brain energy – we have a trillion spare brain hours up for grabs, apparently – can more
  • A Daniel Pink webinar + other brainy things to do … to make your life more expansive Ideas are the new gossip. I like this. The Times recently wrote about how Brainy is Suddenly Chic and the “new vogue for intellectual pursuits” as a way of accessing happiness. More and more we’re becoming interested in sharing concepts and being truly informed.  Not so much to wear the badge “Hi, I’m Informed”, but more
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