• how are we all so brave? I came across this image by Manhattan-based writer and illustrator Maira Kalman via Maria Popova, one of my favourite bloggers. I, too, ask myself this, with tears in my eyes: how are we all so brave? Because, God, we trip. The whole of humanity is constantly tripping and hurting and failing and trying to make things better. more
  • the peculiar beauty of being forced to *splat*! This week in Sunday Life I simply get stopped During the week there was a moment – a very brief one – in which I was flying through the air, superman-style, and cruising towards a pile of rocks, when it occurred to me, “this is going to be majorly inconvenient”. I landed on all fours, more
  • have a sweet weekend: 26 March xox A very quick one because I’m about to jump in the car and drive South for my Uncle Pete’s funeral at Broulee. His ashes are being scattered out to sea, which is where he lived most of his life (he was a prawn trawlerer and surfboard shaper and dude who got shipwrecked and attacked by more
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