• my latest byron finds I was recently up in Byron having a think week. There were storms, floods, cyclones and blackouts. And so I did a fair bit of thinking. And fretting. It was a challenging week. I’m a control freak. Storms and cyclones get in my way. But while I fretted, I happened upon some new happenings in more
  • A guide to Byron Bay I first wrote this guide in 2012 when I was living just outside Byron in an old army shed in the forest. I put it together as a rundown of Things to Do as recommended by me and a bunch of friends from up there for our various mates when they came to visit.  I’ve updated more
  • have you read this? The end of men? What do you think of this month’s Atlantic magazine cover story: The End of Men? The factoids to be drawn from it if you hate clicking open long features: There’s a “mancession” going on: three-quarters of the 8 million jobs lost in the GFC were lost by men. The worst-hit industries were overwhelmingly male and more
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