• Do we need a 30-hour work week? Let’s talk about it seriously. How about this for an idea? A mandated 30-hour work week? Recently in The Guardian leading UK social policy voice Anna Coote presented the idea as something that makes sense from many angles – social, environmental and economic. And yet we resist the idea. What are we all waiting for? Technology and automation was meant to more
  • My favourite longreads (for your weekend-reading pleasure) Earlier in the week I shared how I longread. I flagged why it is such an important practice for our frazzled brains. Today, I give you my list of favourite sources for finding long things to read that enrich my mind, make my heart soar, enhance my understanding of the world, while also drawing me more
  • I’ve been having the wrong conversation about feminism When I first started writing opinion columns for newspapers – about 16 years ago, for the Herald Sun in Melbourne, sharing a page with The Human Bolt (Andrew)  – I idolised the writing of Zoe Williams and studied her prose to grow my own style. She wrote a smart column for the Guardian on Saturdays called more
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