• I asked my mindful mates how we should respond to Trump-ism… I’m approaching you, I wrote to a handful of people I know whose job it is to be mindful in their commentary, wondering if you had the will and time to share what a sound, wise, mindful way of coping with Whatever The F*ck Is Going On Right Now. I’m after the “better” and “bigger” response. more
  • How to love mindfully Oh I do love a bit of Thich Nhat Hanh. I recently discovered that the Vietnamese monk who brought us the mindful concept of “washing the dishes, to wash the dishes” has written about mindful love in his book “How to Love”. It’s a beautiful read. It hits nails on relationship heads. But I was more
  • I’m glad I’ll be old when I find love I’ve come to a lot of peace lately (the last year or two) with my singledom. There are a number of themes that have emerged and informed this stable, quiet, happy place. I’ve explored a few before here and here. But recently I’ve realised this, with hindsight: I haven’t trusted myself to love another in the more
  • five spiritual books to read this weekend I was asked this recently and promised to share. I’ll keep it simple and to the point…just a few reads that have made a difference to me and might to you, too. Feel free to add to the list below… A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield A wonderful manual for deep meditation practice. His more
  • sunday life: walking meditation…have you tried it? This week I try walking meditation Back when I studied law, I’d climb trees. When my head got too frazzled from the insane logic that is torts, I would down pen, walk a few blocks to the bushland near my house, and clamber up a eucalypt. Then I’d sit. Bushwalkers passed beneath me, oblivious to more
  • sunday life: mindful eating This week I eat mindfully Now here’s a thought: what if all those folk who take photos of their every meal and post them on their blog/Twitter/Facebook were actually onto something? I’m sure you’ve seen them about. I was at lunch recently and watched a table of six whip out their iphones as their food more
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