• sunday life: can self-monitoring make me a better person? This week I try self-tracking with a bunch of iphone apps A few years ago in New York I interviewed a bunch of women who’d taken it upon themselves to track their entire lives  – via video cameras attached to their heads – so that you and I could follow online their every move. Ablutionary more
  • Sunday Life: try this “push back” holiday out-of-office reply! This week I push back I know about a dozen people who simply don’t reply to email. I used to wonder how they got anything done, or sustained a social life. But they’re always at parties and are some of the most successful, adroit people I know. OK, surely, then they’re in a permanent state more
  • a sneaky trick for pushing back emails You go on holidays. You come home. You have 2937498237 emails in your inbox. Your heart sinks. True? The funny thing about this, though, is that when you start wading through them, about 80% are actually redundant – miraculously (!!) the issue or request has either been sorted by someone else or dropped off, deemed more
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