• allow time Sometimes solutions can be so stupidly simple. This holiday break I experimented with doing nothing. It paid off. I got some serious rest. Indeed, each day I got seriously excited about heading home in the afternoons to do nothing but lie and read and potter and make fermented mayonnaise. And so forth. So much so, more
  • I’m being broken down I’m now in Icaria, Greece. I should probably explain why and how and what for before launching into a post about an Icarian experience I’m currently having. But, as you will soon learn, everything on this island is topsy-turvy. So an introduction will have to wait. Since arriving in Icaria I’ve been getting looks from more
  • ira glass: “it’s normal to take a while” If Ira says it, I believe it: it simply takes a lot of work to make good stuff. If this topic comforts and gives you hope and fires you up because, “hey, it’s only hard work and anyone can do that”, then you might also like to know how long it took Bruce Springsteen to more
  • being great takes time…so take it! I’ve had a realisation this week. It’s simple – extend the time I think things take to get done. Chill. Then continue. Much of my anxiety I realise comes from thinking things should go faster – the call to Bigpond, typing an email, this book I’m writing. My friend Gio who lives a languid life more
  • New Year idea: a pace for everything My mum always says this: in the fullness of time. She’s a far calmer, softer, slower, gentler person than me. And over the years I’ve come to learn that…she’s right. When it comes to taking things a little slower, at least. She once sent me an embroidered place mat and suggested I use it to more
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