• 8 clever ways to reuse a ziplock bag Let’s get really Sustainable Nerd today. I promote using sealable plastic bags when cooking and freezing food. They’re the perfect size for storing individual portions and things like parcooked ‘n’ frozen veggies really well; they become totable freezer blocks in a blink; they are better for storing in the freezer (I pack mine in layers); more
  • A trick for writers and artists: create with low expectations I did an interview with ABC radio host Mary-Lou Stephens the other day, chatting about food sustainability. Before I went on air she shared she’s just finished writing her latest book (she’s written several) and actually loved the process this time, churning it out in just three months. What was different this time, I asked more
  • My complete home fermentation guide, part one Addicted to the thrill of fermenting projects filling up your kitchen? Today, I present you with everything you need to know about home fermentation. How-to guides, tips and tricks and fermenting recipes a-plenty. 1. To start you off. I’ve covered off the pros and cons on which fermenting starter is better, salt or whey? 2. more
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