• Why do we write? Tweet? Blog? Anyone who blogs, or finds themselves really quite glued to their social media feed, asks this of themselves intermittently. I do. I have my answer now. I blog because I need to. It’s my dharma. The way I experience things is to pull apart the elements, to break them down, to cluster and to organise more
  • Julia and Tony, you’re too close to the screen!! Is this the toughest election in history to get excited about, or what? It’s been lacking in defined policies and been brimful of watered-down, negatively-defined, wavering visions on both sides. It’s flaccid soup. And I haven’t been able to find the chunky bits! A few thoughts before I head to the ballot box tomorrow. I’m more
  • pink worms…and can the positive vibe go too far? We all saw the gendered election worm last night…what was interesting was that, compared with previous election debates the worm tracked far more positively than normal. Plus, the pink worm (women) was, overall, more positive than the blue (men). When Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott started sledging the other, both worms took a dive into more
  • tony abbott in true flight, as pursued by Kerry I really think everyone should watch this: Tony Abbott being called to account by the sublime Kerry O’Brien on the 7:30 Report. If you haven’t already. We have an election coming up. This performance is important to reflect on: For a blow by blow account, Dave Penberthy at The Punch did  a neat job. There more
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