• sit on a small wooden bench with yourself This is a meditation trick I learned years ago. It’s simple and sweet. And I revert to it often. You might like it in these noisy, frenetic times we’re having just now. I’ve mentioned before how much I struggle with meditation. But every day I sit down and do it. Twice a day. For three more
  • David lynch on meditation: water the root There’s a saying that goes along with the vedic style of meditation that I do: water the root, enjoy the fruit. Which is to say, put focus and care into your core every day and then the rest of life will simply flourish and express itself. Can I just say? It works. I’ve been meditating more
  • pink worms…and can the positive vibe go too far? We all saw the gendered election worm last night…what was interesting was that, compared with previous election debates the worm tracked far more positively than normal. Plus, the pink worm (women) was, overall, more positive than the blue (men). When Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott started sledging the other, both worms took a dive into more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: transcendental meditation Note: this post has been updated. I follow the “vedic style” of meditation, not the transcendental style, or TM. There isn’t a lot of difference, but there is enough to cause contention and confusion. I’ve corrected this post to reflect things more accurately.  I’ve tried just about every form of meditation. None of them really more
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