• Friday giveaway: vanessa megan hand cream packs This Friday I’m in Melbourne and working on an exciting project with my mate Marija…details will come! In the interim…I’m giving away 25 x Vanessa Megan hand wash & cream packs valued at $30.00  I recently met Vanessa through a mutual friend in Byron. She’s a woman passionate about providing natural and organic skin care more
  • a christmas gift guide #2 (plus some super reader offers) Since last week’s guide went down like brandy with Grandma after Christmas lunch, I thought I’d do another. Again, not a definitive list. Just some stuff I thought you’d like and that supports supporters of this blog and/or have a snappy, ethical slant. Enjoy! merfins by Oceanika For your mer-obsessed daughter, from $115. Kazzie’s a Byron chick more
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