• Did you miss my Conscious Club talk? Have you come across Conscious Club? It’s a get-together of kids who want to learn stuff and share and get conscious on a Friday night, rather than go drink and do the default (whatever that might be in your ‘hood). It’s held in Sydney every second month (or so), and is about to expand to more
  • *I Quit Sugar* was featured on 60 minutes So, last night Sarah was on 60 Minutes… The crew came and filmed her in Byron Bay a while back. She hasn’t actually seen the segment because she’s on holiday. I thought I’d share the segment, in case you missed it last night, and because sooooo many people have been asking across the blog, facebook, more
  • I get fashion hounded in my bike-riding outfit It’s a risk you take walking in the street these days: will you get stopped by a fashion blogger and asked to share what you wear on camera? Mostly, it’s unlikely to happen to me. I’m not overly “fashion”.  But I got stopped the other day by Faye de Lanty from Fashion Hound and was more
  • Me doing the Good News Week thang Not sure if you saw it… I was on Good News Week on the Ten Network on Monday night. It was a bit of an election wrap-up. I had a lung infection. And stupidly took a “night” cold and flu tablet. So I was strung-out-dopey all night. Who does that?? I actually don’t remember much more
  • good reminder #1: you only get one shot This video says it all in pictures. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43L1IR5qHIU&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] These moments seem like flukes. But nothing is a coincidence, ever. If you’re meant to live, you will. Everything flows in that direction as if by magic. I’ve been saved from death a number of times, by millimetres. Most of us have. It’s just we don’t see more
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