• I’ve seen my future and (I hope) it looks like Leo Lately I’ve been reassessing what matters to me. Like really looking at things fully, and prepared to “put a bomb” under things. This happens for me every few years. Jo sent me this video, randomly. And it arrived with impeccable timing. [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/96642599[/vimeo] I’ve no idea who Leo is but what about these synchronicities (here’s my more
  • tuesday eats: why i eat animal fat and sit in the sun I have a vitamin D deficiency. So this is what I do: * I sit in the sun most days – sometimes in the middle of the day – with no sunscreen on, no hat. No slipping or slopping. * I eat full-fat saturated animal fats. Like cheese. And meat. There, that got your attention! more
  • start your day with sun on your face (say doctors) There’s an Italian proverb: “Where the sun does not go, the doctor does”. Doctors are now scrambling to get out studies that say pretty much the same. But with more words. Basically because they’re finding that we all need more Vitamin D. It plays a humongous role in preventing cancer, osteoporosis and a bunch of more
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