• If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested We all love Brene Brown, right? Her vulnerability polemic strikes deep, meaningful chords. I’ve met and chatted to her and learned that we both do the “three strikes and we act” thing. I also share her tips for getting real with yourself. I share also share a bunch of her insights from our chats in my more
  • Do you rumble with the truth? Brene Brown. I mean, how much do you just dig her? Of the various life experts that I’ve met over the years she is probably the most authentic. We cried when we met. You can read what she shared with me to prompt the tears here. Anyways, Brene shared this recently on Instagram: If we’re living more
  • five books: that connect me to vulnerability I often get asked what books I’m reading. I’m really bad at answering definitely (on most things). In part because my memory is shocking. But also because everything is always “for now”. So, here are five reads I’ve experienced recently that touched me because the author truly went deep into their search or their fear more
  • question: “how do you deal with infertility?” Every now and then I answer a question from a reader that I figure best to answer en masse…here’s one that struck me recently: I recently dug up this question from reader Dharma. It was in response to my interview with Brene Brown on vulnerability. It’s a doozie. Ok, I have a question for you. more
  • Brene Brown: how do you get “deliberate” about your life? This week in Sunday Life I get deliberately vulnerable I love the number three. It’s a thing (as they say on Twitter, preceded by a “hashtag”). When things come in threes – three knock-backs, three mentions of the same person in a week – I’ve learned to take note. And something always comes of it. more
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