• Treatments that have helped my anxiety and where to find them At the back of my new book, first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a list of treatments that have helped my anxiety and where to find them. This is that list. Please bear in mind these are my own personal techniques and chosen brands. I’ve not been endorsed in more
  • I’ve seen my future and (I hope) it looks like Leo Lately I’ve been reassessing what matters to me. Like really looking at things fully, and prepared to “put a bomb” under things. This happens for me every few years. Jo sent me this video, randomly. And it arrived with impeccable timing. [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/96642599[/vimeo] I’ve no idea who Leo is but what about these synchronicities (here’s my more
  • Nietzsche on haste Nietzsche was known for a few utterances. And for being a prolific walker. (When he lived in Eze, France, he made a daily habit of scaling a steep 1,400-foot mountain to reach a medieval village perched above his home.) It’s in this context of walking he shared this: “Haste is universal because everyone is in more
  • Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit I gravitate to reads about walking. Especially those that extrapolate the connection between mindful reflection and walking. Hence today’s review of What I’ve Just Finished Reading. Background to why I read this book: Walking and reflection sustain me through my angst and anxiety. My current theory: Walking works to the same pace as reflection, thus the more
  • how hiking heals The other day I had a twiddle with my social media feeds. It was one of those nights we all have – where we go down that rabbit hole of toggling between feeds to see…to see…what other people are doing and thinking and seeing… and what they’re thinking of us. It’s both comforting and disconcerting. more
  • the best tweak I’ve made to my exercise routine Yesterday I ranted about biking around New York. Today I share my #1 trick for staying fit at home and when travelling. I walk. And I walk. And I walk. I used to be a runner. I’d run ten kilometres to and from work each day. I’d run on the beach, and in the bush. more
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