• It’s National Leftovers Day Each year, Australians throw out $8 billion of edible food. National Leftovers Day is an initiative of FoodWise, DoSomething’s national campaign to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s food consumption aims to change this for the better. I LOVE coming up with clever ways to use up leftover food. I get pleasure from finding novel ways more
  • Why I wore the same pair of green shorts for 8 years My green shorts have become A Thing. I didn’t intend it this way. It kind of evolved. I bought my first pair of green shorts eight years ago from American Apparel during a trip to the US. They were on sale. I wore them for four years, every day, until the holes in the groin more
  • Goddamn, ask for a doggy bag! My aim with this post is to make you feel uncomfortable. And to rally you to a cause. For reasons I can’t comprehend, much of the planet (America aside) gets weirded out by the idea of asking a waiter for uneaten food to be put in a container to be consumed later. So much so more
  • What’s wrong with this ad? Someone on Twitter pinged this satirical ad for a new line of American “Paleo-esque” snacks to me. It’s a very clever pisstake of the latest health fads, specifically the Paleo movement. Self-referring pisstakes are always the best. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPB8W1rEnAc[/youtube] I love it all, except for the punch line, which is a sell for a fad-free health more
  • love food, hate waste Going forward the focus of the climate debate is going to be food. All the experts are saying wars will also be about food in the future. The fact is, we’re fast reaching a point where the planet won’t be able to feed us. And we’re going to be falling over each other to get more
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