• eat: Loving Earth raw chocolate This is a new addition to my blog – food I like. From time to time I’ll flag a new food/food discovery that does good things – ethically, environmentally and nutritionally, or just in a makes-me-happy-when-it-sets-off-a-salivary-explosion-in-my-very-being kinda way. First up, is Loving Earth’s organic, raw chocolate (slogan: healthy, sustainable, fair). I eat it as a more
  • I like: Como Shambhala Ayurvedic holiday Do you do this? Fret about finding the perfect holiday WITH A PURPOSE? Recently, I went around in 238974897 circles trying to find the best place to do a traditional Indian treatment. That’s what I do. I Over-research. Eventually the right answer pops up in front of me. So obvious. I didn’t want to travel more
  • 12 foods you don’t REALLY have to buy organic I’ve always found it easier to do something when boundaries are relaxed. Even if you don’t always take up the hall pass, it’s good to know I have the choice.  In the last little bit I’ve been steering my eating toward organic options as much as possible. It’s not easy. And it’s blooody expensive. At more
  • eat this way This much we kinda know by now: * How we eat is being controlled by big fat corporations * We’re getting big and fat – and sick – from the way we eat. But, here, the rest of the story.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKYyD14d_0[/youtube] I got goosepimply where the farmer says, “People have to start demanding good wholesome food more
  • a night snacker? 10 ace tips. I’ve confessed to this before (on twitter, in Cosmo): I have this thing where I have to eat before I go to bed. Doesn’t matter how sustaining dinner was. I have to snack. Honey on rice toast. Toasted nuts with cinnamon. It ticks many wrong boxes and doesn’t do great things for my self-esteem. Or more
  • just the 7 worst foods to eat right now I love a tidy DYK (did you know) list. Especially if it’s an odd number of items (everyone compiles lists of 7 or 11 things, have you noticed?). I’ve been talking about this list with people all weekend – what NOT to eat. If you want to live to see another day. 1. Canned Tomatoes more
  • sunday life: what are we meant to eat now?! This week I declutter my eating It’s not the most cheery question to pose, but it is an important one: What damages the planet more, walking to the shops or driving? The answer, if you follow my ominous lead-in, is walking.
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