• The Sarah Wilson mindful xmas gift guide. ‘Cos you asked for it. My family doesn’t do Christmas gifts. Each year we pitch in for a crappy, wood-veneered, chenille-bedspreaded holiday house down the coast. We wrestle, eat, attempt to play board games (none of us are good at sitting very still), go for bike rides and try not to step on each other’s toes (especially those of the more
  • Slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #2 A few weeks back I posted a Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Sardinia part 1. Forthwith is the rest of it. Sing out if you need any other tips. I’m forthcoming, mostly. Sardinia is an intriguing place. You’ll like it. But, as I always advise, it’s always best to make your adventure your own. And more
  • how to quit sugar in the New Year Perhaps you’re playing with the idea of quitting sugar for 2013. To get well. And bright. And happy. Yes? Look, I’m not one to to sell in things with fanfare. I will simply say: quitting sugar works. And then I will gently invite you: to try it for yourself. How does it work? What will more
  • How to live to 100: paniyiri + drink wine I know I’ve shared a lot about Ikaria. But I really must tell you about these uniquely Ikarian village parties. They are like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. And the essence of what they’re about, I think, very much contributes to why the people here live so long and well. Here’s a video of the dance more
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