• I don’t want to do any more run-ups! Let’s start life! How timely. The first post to sit in my new, pretty format (hope you like it?) and it’s about getting this life party started. I happened to notice this article about the challenge facing women in their twenties and thirties on Australian news site Women’s Agenda. The article quotes author and entrepreneur Wendy McCarthy, who says her real more
  • a few generous things to do cos it’s Christmas! Christmas time, right. Time to care, really. In my family, we don’t do presents…which leaves a gaping hole for giving in other ways. Below are a few ideas, based mostly on some projects I’m working on… 1. give $2 to the homeless in your ‘hood. I’m an ambassador for StreetSmart. So, is Stephen Fry! In more
  • how to build a blog (a Cleo interview) I was quoted in this month’s CLEO magazine. I thought it might be of interest to anyone who’s thinking of start a blog and is not sure where to start. I know I had noooooo idea when I first decided to launch this one. The other advice I would give is: * Follow really strong more
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