• My political opinions are annoying you??? I posted this image, above, on the socials a little while back. It voiced my thoughts perfectly. You see, somewhere out there in The World there is an Authority speaking from some Almighty Tome¬†that tells us¬†that if you’re a woman, and if you enjoy some level of fame, and if you are known in a more
  • be inspired: the “special problem” of strong women looking for love The scene: green tea this morning with my hung-over friend Sally The topic: a quote from a review of Antonia Fraser’s biography in which she outlines her life as the wife of writer Harold Pinter. It neatly sums up what Women of Strong Character know to be true: The Special Problem Early on, just after more
  • why I like men I’m meant to be writing my Sunday Life column, due in two hours. But there’s a great survey published on The Punch today – blokes’ take on female body image. And it’s given me an inspired jolt. On Thursday I drank wine and ate sushi with The¬† Punch editor Penbo (he gave me the gig more
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