• Good anxiety apps and sites you need to know about At the back of my new book first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a list of some top apps and sites for anxiety. This is that list.  It’s a simple list because I personally don’t rely on such tech things heavily. For some context it’s worth noting that very few studies have more
  • I got rid of comments so I could hear the conversation This week in Sunday Life I remove comments from my blog. Just for a bit. When I’m feeling a tad on the smug side of my life situation, I find a little visit to the comments section of my blog sets me straight. In the main, comments on my blog are helpful sharings of tips more
  • the elegance of a morning routine I’m quite convinced that having some sort of structure to the start of your day is key to living a life that counts. It gets you out of bed with a purpose. Delays, wonderings, phaffings…they get us down at early hours. It gives you, possibly,  the only space for yourself all day (got kids? staff? more
  • have a sweet weekend March 19 xx It’s Friday and sunny. Who’s to complain? I hope you STILL have no plans for Sunday. And that you’re paving your own road out there, perhaps through a green field??!!! Me, I’m off to a wedding in Perth. My mate James Thomas, a reporter on Today Tonight, is getting married. Finally. James was the first more
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