One of the highlights of my stay here in New York has been connecting with author, blogger and spiritual junkie Gabby Bernstein. Gab did my I Quit Sugar program a few months ago, blogged and SM’d about it to her vast and adoring audience and suddenly we were in each other’s orbits.

Hilarious: Rushing to get to Better TV show to chat #iqs AND LOOK WHO I RUN INTO!?!?! The ephemeral Gabby Bernstein (an #iqs convert)!
Hilarious: Rushing to get to Better TV show to chat #iqs AND LOOK WHO I RUN INTO!?!?! The ephemeral Gabby Bernstein (an #iqs convert)!

The funny thing is this: our books – I Quit Sugar and Miracles Now – both came out in the US on exactly the same day (last Tuesday), they both feature 108 recipes and spiritual tricks (respectively), then we randomly met each other on launch day when we appeared on the same TV show here in NY (she heard my voice in the corridor), then we dined that night. And then we shared some more.

I don’t talk “God” or “soul sistas” or about channeling The Light, but I’ve always had an affinity with people who do. I guess it’s because I talk, feel and live this stuff, but from a slightly different slant. Same view, different angle. And there’s nothing I like more than to look at the view while perched alongside someone who evokes it tantalizingly differently to me.  It gets me thinking fresh. That’s how it was meeting Gab.

A sugar free celebration dinner with Gabby Bernstein
A sugar free celebration dinner with Gabby Bernstein

The girl is a freak. I went to the launch of her latest book Miracles Now in an ecumenical church on the Lower East Side last Friday night where 350 young and mostly female devotees packed into the pews to listen to Gabby riff for two hours, seamlessly and with heart. To use the language of those who see my view from a different slant, she channeled some serious light. Or, as I’d say it, she was in her flow. Wearing a glittery kaftan, snapping her fingers and gee-ing up the girls.

It’s not often that I’m compelled to share that someone is truly the real deal. Seth Godin is. So is Brene Brown. And Martha Beck. So is Gabby. You can smell it.

One of the things she riffed about on Friday was how she believes her success stems from a whole bunch of “little right moves”. Like me, she doesn’t sit down with a master plan mapped out on a white board. She goes where the energy takes her…using a whole heap of little tricks and techniques that keep her authentic, energized and balanced.  She’s a control freak, like me, who can burn herself out. She’s not outwardly Zen, but she keeps her keel aligned in her own way…with little right moves. Miracles Now is a compendium of these moves, one of which is… to Just Show Up.

As she writes, 90 per cent of success is about just turning up. She feels crap some days, but she’ll commit to showing up at her yoga class, turning on her computer in the morning, saying “yes” to a request. When you get that far (to the yoga mat, to the desk), you’re most of the way there.

I totally agree with this. I live this way. I feel like crap (albeit less and less) often. But I’ll show up for a walk – I tie on my shoes and get out the door. I might only commit to a 20 minute stroll, but – and I write about this regularly – once I start walking I’ll often find I want to go further and might break into a jog.

I treat quitting sugar in the same way. Back in January 2011, I committed to “giving it a go” for two weeks. I showed up. Once there, I found it felt good and I kept going and going.

A few things happen when you Just Show Up, I reckon.

1. You put an end to the indecision that can stall you from achieving stuff.

2. You go gently. If you merely commit to showing up (instead of forcing yourself to commit to a hardcore outcome), you go easier on yourself, which, in turn, gets things done with the right vibe.

3. You put yourself in the best position to be in the right place at the right time. And much success is about this, right?

4. You build the right “muscle”. Doing, moving, committing…it all builds up good habits in the noggin.

5. Energetically you face the right direction. That is, you place your ship in the flow, ready to be carried by life. This is really key, to my mind. If you can face the right way, the rest of life will follow and you really don’t have to “try” too hard from there. I don’t really get stressed about doing TV interviews any more. So long as I turn up with the right energy and mindset, I know it work out from there. As I’m often quoted:

Where the mind goes, the energy flows. 

Anyway, before I start talking about unicorns and auras I’ll sign off (so I can head off to see a psychic someone put me in touch with. Yes, fun and true story!). But not before offering US readers:

4 x copies of Gabby’s book, Miracles Now.

  • Simply comment below on “facing the right direction” – any thought you’d like to share. I’m interested, always.
  • I’ll choose the winners and post your book by next Friday, April 25.

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  • This really resonated with me! I also love Gabby’s work and can’t wait to read her new book. I know showing up is sometimes the hardest part…but once I’m there (physically or mentally/emotionally), things tend to flow better.

    • Hi Lauren, if you’re based in the US, we’d love to give you a copy of Gabby’s book. If so, please email [email protected] with your address details so we can send off the book xx

  • eloisa

    I am in the process of sharing soup with my oldies and new mums during the school holidays and I get a buzz from the smile I receive when I deliver an unexpected surprise when I pick up their child for a playdate…really, just a day in the park with other little friends…and they love it…love the interaction and the sun and no nagging about who is next on the computer!!

  • Dianne

    I’m a big Marianne Williamson fan and so have studied ACIM. I have followed Gabby’s progress and love her work. I have also been interested in your work and intuition. My version of your “Just show up” is “lover over fear” and that’s when miracles happen. Congratulations with all your overseas successes – so well deserved! PS: Love that you are travelling with your bike – I saw you at a Conscious Club event in Sydney and recognised you via the bike. Love, x

    • Eilish Bouchier

      Diane, I wrote a chapter on liven intuitively for New Years Revolution. I’d be very happy to send you a copy of it. Drop me a note to [email protected] and I’ll send it to you x

  • Yolanda

    This resonates with me as a mother because some days no matter how much I want to get done or achieve, I am forced by circumstance or by pure exhaustion to keep my goals small. Perhaps you have a sick child who needs nurturing or just trying to get on top of things after a hectic week of child caring, work, appointments, school events, housework, cooking etc. In these times when I’m burnt out and at the end of my tether, navigating the ship really does come down to a whole lot of “little right moves”. It may mean taking 15 mins in the morning to meditate before the kids wake up. Or it could mean letting the non vital housework go to spend time reading books and snuggling with your babies. These small moves may seem inconsequential but over the years they are the ones that make the most difference to our quality of life 🙂

  • dara

    Showing up is hard sometimes, but for me the hardest is balancing taking care of myself with keeping going. still learning when to say no and when to say go.

  • Liesbeth

    Thank you Sarah, this couldn’t come at a better time! Since returning from backpacking in South America, I’ve felt a lot of familial and general societal pressure to ‘go hard’ in looking for a job, or to accept jobs that don’t feel right. I can always tell when I’m forcing it because I get stuck in indecision just as you’ve described.

    It’s nice to be reminded to go gently and show up for the things that matter to me rather than those things I feel I ‘should’ be doing.

    I definitely travelled in a very organic flowing fashion, and it has been a serious challenge to bring this state of mind home the fast-paced Western world of Sydney! But every day I see more people taking the same steps – people like yourself and Gabby, but also people in my local orbit! The gentle way is building in energy – a takeover is definitely coming, and all I need to do is keep showing up 🙂

  • Asha Mills

    Oh my, this is exactly what I needed to read right now. 37 weeks pregnant and trying to keep up with the new (pushing a chair up against everything and suddenly getting into the spice drawer) skills of my 19 month old son. Sometimes it all seems so daunting. Control freak (But I had everything babyproofed!!) and needing little shifts, little miracles, the reminder to just show up… also quite literally thinking of “facing the right direction” right now as I’m working on getting my baby into the perfect positioning for birth!

  • Yoojin Lee

    wow, what great timing… i just listened to an interview with gabby on a podcast i listen to weekly (the wellness wonderland)! she is such an amazing mentor and inspiration. i have her “may cause miracles” book and her work on “miracles now” seems incredible so i’d love to learn more!

    my view on “facing the right direction.” hm..
    sometimes, i feel like facing the right direction doesn’t always happen, but that case can be okay too. we learn from facing the wrong direction, whether it was a mistake and completely tears us apart.
    but also on “just showing up”- i often repeat that to myself when i practice yoga. sometimes, i don’t have a huge desire to do a practice (even though i LOVE yoga) but i just show up. on the mat.
    and everytime i do, after my practice, i’m SO thankful that i did because i feel incredible afterwards 🙂

  • Frances

    I need this so badly right now! I keep thinking ‘I need a master plan’ but never commit to it…I’m told that I am too hard on myself and I just need to do the small things…all sounds like good advice, but sometimes you to stop and recognise that they are working.

    • Hi Frances, if you’re based in the US, we’d love to give you a copy of Gabby’s book. If so, please email [email protected] with your address details so we can send off the book xx

  • Sarah

    This is so true, especially with exercise: I’ve always said the hardest part is getting there (to the gym or class or wherever) and then the rest flows from there.

    As a society, we put too much emphasis on the outcome but it is more about the doing, the action not the product of that action.

  • I always find this concept poignant. In some of the most challenging seasons of my life I’ve gotten through by just starting, letting go of expecation or results and letting things be. Simple yet powerful x

  • Janice

    Facing the right direction is not always outward. Sometimes the right direction is inward, allowing recovery from a world which can sap our “batteries”. Then we can show up again with our “recharged” self.

    • true, true! Gabby writes about having a protective coat…this resonated for me.

  • Patty

    I freakin LOVE this! Facing the right direction is a great concept because it means that you’ve taken charge of your own destiny. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure about the destination – how will you know to turn a different way if you don’t have a standpoint to begin with?

    The Universe will ALWAYS respond – so long as you’ve made the first dent. You’ll either be carried in the flow that feels right, or have the impetus to change direction when you’ve been uncomfortable for long enough 🙂

  • Rebecca Laycock

    In 2009 a very big relationship in my life ended and so did my career (the one I thought I ‘should’ do) – feeling barren and disoriented was an understatement however as I let go of what I thought I was supposed to do and how I was meant to live, I allowed the magic to enter. Later that year after much time alone and soul searching I had a wonderful dream – this moment led me to a new path and to my passion for Australian film. I went back to uni, completed Honours and have not looked back <3

  • Daniela

    Hmm…I’ve been thinking about just showing up quite a bit recently. I’m a very driven, all-in kind of person…but I’ve had to accept that I have to step back a little due to a serious challenge in my life – my boyfriend passed away from cancer at 20 years old a little over a month ago (I am 20, too). A lot of times, I feel too exhausted or too apathetic to do some of the things I was more passionate about before, like environmental activism or my schoolwork…but I’m giving myself permission to go through the motions and know that that is GOOD ENOUGH as I slowly heal. Although this has been a horrible experience, it (and crippling anxiety attacks) is also teaching me to slow down and to ask for help. Also, as a college student, I am always thinking of you know, career plans and such. I want to be in a position to make a real impact on climate change (policy?) someday, and I don’t know exactly how, but I know I am passionate, honest, hard-working, etc…and so accepting that these traits I love about myself will get me to where I need to be is “facing the right direction” to me.

    • lovkar

      Oh its tough to lose someone you love, I lost my best friend to cancer at that exact age, and my father was very ill also, I
      had to stop and slow down for a while, it’s necessary to go through that sometimes. My friends did not understand but I knew I had to take things slowly for a while. Keep being true to who you are

  • Lauren Rose

    Facing the right direction and trusting in this was the hardest of Gabby’s lessons for me to learn. I am an OCD, Type A who needs concrete, definite plans in order to feel some relief. The idea of letting go, just a little bit, and allowing the signs and signals of the universe to catch you and guide you is freaking scary. The most frightening part of all is going with your heart and intuition rather than rationalising with your head (as us Type A’s do..)

    I have to say, since I let go of the dream I had been holding on to so tightly for so long and allowed the universe to take over, the dream has arrived on my lap. I just made sure to thank the universe for the opportunities, and show up for the assignments the universe offers to me.

  • Best advice ever. If I didn’t just show up I would never get anywhere, because I would’ve justified and analysed my way out of it x

  • Carrie A

    I’ve been a follower of both yourself and Gabby for years now and found Gabby’s Spirit Junkie to be life changing on a level I can only compare to that of I Quit Sugar but obviously both in very different ways. Crazy but inevitable that you two lovely ladies’ paths would one day cross. Keep up the great work!

  • I was so thrilled to see you two talented girls had connected, I adore Gabby. For me its about keeping the internal chatter positive, the minute it starts to be negative, overly cautious I shut it dow with an injection of positivity. Thats how I stay “on”.

    • Hi Louisa, if you’re based in the US, we’d love to give you a copy of Gabby’s book. If so, please email [email protected] with your address details so we can send off the book xx

  • lieslg

    And sometimes, going against the grain is “facing (your) right direction”! Showing up….standing up….some seriously wonderful energetic GPS 😉

  • Krysten

    This is just too perfect! I’ve recently (as in 5 days ago) completely overhauled my life. I had been putting my own happiness on the back burner for years, and as a result my life was filled with icky-ness – icky food, icky relationships, an icky job, and icky habits. I woke up and realized that nothing was going to change unless that change came from me, and there was never going to be a better time than right now. I’ve left everything behind and am starting over from scratch – new food, new relationships, a new job, and new habits. I’m scared s***less, and yet I couldn’t be more excited. My whole mantra is “face the right direction.” Thank you for the perfect article!

  • Showing up, it IS most of the battle! I usually give it 10-20 minute and if I am not into it by then I can quit. But I usually find myself into it and ready for more! Thanks Sarah….and Gabby!

  • zerlinaalchemy

    Thank you so much for your message of Abundance at Great Jones Space last night. Consequently, feeling so energized and inspired today – very much “facing the right direction” indeed. This post re. you connecting with Gabby is the cherry on the sugar-free cake! Happy travels… Come visit NYC again soon.

  • As a young twenty-something, I find myself lately questioning where I’m headed with my life, especially in relation to my job/career. This of course is nothing new amongst my age group, but for me, as I try to shape a life of plural career paths (Spanish teacher + yoga instructor + organic farmer, maybe), I find that I can easily get overwhelmed by all of the options and all of the different paths to take. Thinking about the idea of “facing the right direction” is a great way to ground myself in taking things step by step, knowing that the little things that I do each day will help make the big things ultimately possible in the future. Thanks for this post Sarah. Definitely resonated with me!

  • Sarah Dandridge

    Love it Sarah- I find this ‘showing up’ method a wonderful way to help soothe N anxiety disorder. For me, 80% of the problem is the lead up, and if I just take the plunge and make the first move- the rest gently follows and my self esteem and accomplishment soars!

    Just gotta lace up those sneakers and jump in!

  • Breakfast Criminals

    This is amazing! Sarah, I went to your I Quit Sugar launch event last night (and tweeted about your magical pants), and loved meeting you in person after following you on Instagram and blog for a year of inspiration (health-wise and blogging tips). Anyway, as I was leaving your amazing talk, I somehow thought of Crazy.Sexy.Miracles event with Gabby and Kris Carr that I had attended a few months back. And a thread of events started playing out in my head, going from, “I love going to events like this and want to go more often”, to the question – I wonder if Gabby Bernstein and Sarah Wilson know each other? Have they met? What do they think of each other?”

    The next day, I open my Facebook, and the first thing I see is a picture of you two and link to this blog post. Wow. Pure magic!

    Much love,
    p.s. LOVE your breakfast in a jar!

  • Stephanie

    I love hearing about you serendipitous soul sisters meeting up! This whole idea of following your energy is one I’ve been trying to put into practice for a while now. I go through very good phases, and then go through some not-great ones, but I keep going for it and can only hope that my showing up there will continue with me showing up where my energy glows. <3

  • So true, Pharrel Williams said, ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’, just showing up gives you that opportunity.
    In my life I have traversed its slopes by almost always following the energy of choices to be made, and just showing up. Life is amazing and does give daily when we show up.
    This year I decided I would action my dream and fear of becoming a published author, I had always said, …when I live in my perfect place I will make time, write and get published.
    I showed up this year and enrolled at Uni and am studying Professional Writing and I LOVE where I am now.
    It was a deep breath decision, I had labels about myself that I used as safety reasons why not to show, ie I am 47, I am a single parent of 2 beautiful daughters aged 7 and 20 years… The list went on. But now as I realise I am living my dream life and learning the craft of my passion, I am grateful for the process of just showing upxxx
    Thankyou, Sarah for your voice
    And for these posts that remind us to come back to ourselves

  • Katie Dalebout

    MY TWO FAV PEEPS EVER love you both!!!! and love seeing you together!

  • Kylie Whyte

    This was a really affirming blog to read. I am in the process of trying to put together a 5 Year Plan, and have been finding it mentally and emotionally (and therefore physically) exhausting. I am not sure that this kind of planning works for me, as I end up being really hard core and stressing myself out. I’d much rather go with the flow, and commit to showing up every day to the activities that feed and inspire me, and see where that takes me. Thanks for this inspiration!

  • Prana

    For me, ‘facing the right direction’ means saying ‘Yes’ to life and constantly being focused on what I have to be grateful for (which is so very much), rather than what I feel I am lacking….

  • Such a good point. Showing up is most of the battle, but when you do, the hard part is over. Gabby is an amazing person – it must have been incredible to meet her!

  • AGP

    We Humans are so lost in time and space! Sometimes we think that because we know what we are doing we know where we are going. But then we lose ourselves again… If only we stopped doing and trust the energy we are “made of” we would find DIRECTION.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for today’s post Sarah, I am studying Chiropractic at the moment and have been feeling confused and not good enough. I now have remembered that if I just keep ‘showing up’ I will end up at the right place, at the right time learning the right things along the way. Yey!

  • Slim Birdy

    Love Gaby’s stuff. In terms of ‘facing the right direction’ it sounds a lot like my ‘ooh ahh just a little bit’ theory. You just do part of something or a little of it and let yourself off the hook if that’s all you want to do, but before you know it that little bit wasn’t so bad, as you described and the whole thing gets done without the drama. Love it.

  • Ebs

    Thank ypu for the reminder. I needed to read this today. I’m struggling to overcome some seriously avoidant tendencies (slapped in the face again this week with a reminder that I need to face this) and the advice to just show up (no expectations, no pressure, just do it) is good!

  • Carolyn Franzke

    I love your analogy, Sarah, of facing the right direction and then being in the flow of life’ – so often resistance places us against the flow, pushing uphill (I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’ (can you tell?!). I’m travelling around Australia with my family at the moment and as we do we place ourselves ‘in the flow’ and move forward each day. I feel my resistance to many things lessening as we ‘just show up’ each day. Love your posts. Xx

    • travelling is so good for that…just shining the spotlight on what’s immediately in front…and moving forward.

      • Carolyn Franzke

        Thanks Missy xx

  • Zoe

    What a great post Sarah, I am 35 and have just finished the 8 week iqs program. I really went for it but a few weeks after finishing I can feel old habits creeping back in. I too wake up feeling crappy many mornings but have never felt better after quitting sugar. Now I feel like I am sabotaging myself almost on purpose. I have two children who are now in full time school and I am back at work and I am not sure if the career I have chosen as a teacher is where I want to be in this second phase of my life. I have been searching and leaning in to many of the ideas that you talk about, being a sustainable human being, living a whole and full life, showing up to move and nourish my system with the care and the love it deserves. For many years I have not put myself on the to do list. I really want this to change. I have been reading a lot over the past year, loved Brene Browns ted talk too and have just discovered Seth through your blog. Love what he stands for. I have also decided to create a vision board with what I want my life to look and feel like. When brainstorming for this I kept coming back to the word joy, how to get more of it and let this drive my choices, I think part of this is showing up and doing with a whole heart and enthusiasm. Sorry this is soooo long and rambling. Keep up with the fabulous inspiring work that you do Sarah. Thanks for introducing me to Gabby too.

  • MsCat

    Sarah when I look back on my life I notice that even in the darkest times, when I couldn’t imagine my own way out, that life somewhere always righted itself

  • MsCat

    Sarah when I look back on my life I notice that even in the darkest times, when I couldn’t imagine my own way out, that somehow life always seemed to right itself. Now when the fear sets in, I remember this. i trust, let go and go with the flow, always choose love. Love has become my energetic compass. It feels light, joyous and free!

  • Facing the right direction helps me keep my focus on the things that are important to me and keeps me aware of opportunities that come my way. Being there, looking forward and being ready to take a step in the direction that feels right make my days flow.

  • Ana

    Isabel Allende’s words come to my mind : “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up too”.

  • Christine

    This is similar to a saying I like ‘fake it till you make it’. You don’t always feel like exercising, or going to work etc but you got to do it, so put a smile on your face and go anyway! Love it x

  • Deirdre

    Seeing the two of you connected on Instagram made my day! Gabby is my soul sister of the mind, and Sarah, your program has helped me feed and heal my body…so when your paths crossed, it was like fireworks, unicorns, and a whole lotta resonance in the ship of my heart that said, “Yeah, I’m on a good path here.” So thank you…for showing up that day, being in the right place at the right time, and spreading your good vibes.

  • Rebecca Ward

    Facing the right direction for me is simple. Belief in your dream. I’ve always dreamed of,going to NY and discovered Gabbys summer retreat is happening in June. Booked my flights today and backed myself knowing this is the right direction for me. Leaving the work, my business and family and kids behind. Just me and the big Apple!

  • Eileen

    What a serendipitous meeting!! I’m glad you two had a lovely time together. I too believe in the power of facing the right direction and all that entails. xoxo

  • I am so happy that the two of you connected! You are both two strong women that I follow on social media and look up to. I agree with “just showing up.” It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by simply agreeing to “show up.” I hope your US tour goes well!

  • Emily M

    after my 22yr relationship with my childhood sweetheart crumbled…I had a choice, crumble or show up.
    I’ve reeducated myself, Iam now a high school teacher working full time whilst looking after my two precious boys.
    people say all the time, I don’t know how you do it. there are times, I don’t know either but I realise now. I just showed up, and I did it.

  • Frey

    Facing the right direction – l love this! For me, this is simply facing the future and things to come. Less picking over past actions and outcomes and the stress that brings when it was different to my expectations. Whatever happened, it has all brought me to now.

  • Elise

    Thank you for turning me on to Gabby and her wisdom Sarah. I’m a hypo chick, A type who continues to learn so much from you Sarah – you have contributed to my growth towards wellness more than you’ll ever know…you were part of the reason I started on Oz Day this year. xelise

  • Amanda Quaremba

    Its important to me to start the day in a joyful, contented way. When I wake up I turn the corners of my mouth up. I open up the blinds, make myself a coffee & spend time on Facebook being inspired & moved & called to action. Simple things that nourish my soul & set up my day for joy.

  • mordster

    I’ve never won anything in my life but I’ll show up and give this a go. I don’t know where I’m going. I think Gabby’s book could help me. Sarah, I’m proud of you.

  • sarah

    Facing in the right direction for me has been about learning to let go of trying too hard. Rather its been a discovery of going with the flow and trusting that I will always end up where I’m meant to be. My journey with hashis has reinforced this requiring at times gentleness, turning inward and surrender- not always easy. I have found that when I go with the flow of what feels right and listen to my intuition, things usually work out better. A focus on gratitude and love also keeps me facing in the right direction. I’m grateful for people like you, Sarah, and Gabby ,who have such positive powerful messages that benefit us all, thanks.

  • Erin

    This puts into words what I have always thought about my life (and felt totally crazy for believing!) – that even though I ‘don’t know what I want to do when I grow up’, I have followed my instincts and worked hard, and the path has been laid out for me to follow. This has recently culminated in my first blog, which brings together all my passions. My heart says I’m on the right track! 😀

  • Aleena Terese

    Lets take it a step further and instead of a ‘right’ direction how about just a ‘direction’ ?? As someone who is learning to conquer depression and crack the stigma associated with mental health often just having ANY direction is an incredible step away from the depths of sadness and loneliness many humans experience. Lets conquer ‘the direction of connection’ in a wholesome hearted life.

  • You’re right, I need to show up, just to it and get the job done. I’m behaving from a place of fear, and am not being as intentional as I want to. I need to read Gabby’s book and become reinspired. If she’s half as wonderful as I think you are, Sarah, Gabby will be amazing! I’m sure her words will be able to help me out of my current funk.

  • Lauren

    At a time where showing up is not as easy to do as it is to say, I’m grateful for the reminders that I keep coming across. Yesterday it was Einstein’s quote, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Today, it’s this post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Donna F.

    Gabby’s work always resonates so well with me. I heard her talk about a simple meditation “peace begins with me”. It seemed so simple that I tried it and I was amazed by how grounded and centered it made me feel. It’s a fantastic tool that I take with me throughout the day. I think this exercise is in her new book and I would love to read more! The decision to just show up is so very important. I decided that as of April 18th, I was going to kick my spiritual journey into high gear, making the choice to show up as best I can each day on a quest to improve all aspects of my life. I chose that day because it’s the 108th day of the year and the number has great spiritual significance (also the reason Gabby chose 108 lessons for her book). Gabby also talks a lot about getting out of your own way, which is something I definitely have the need to work on. Every time I hear Gabby speak or when I read from her books, I know I am facing the right direction!

  • nys

    I think for me, right now, just showing up is a big thing for me in regards to my family, I have a bit of a fractured complicated family (i guess who doesnt really?) I’m trying to reconcile with and I struggle with how best to approach it.
    My dad is always like just go over, just call up and say I’m in the area!
    no overthinking.
    just turn up. show up. no plans and stressing and rehearsing the complexities in my head.
    just show up.

    in terms of ‘facing the right direction’ I am happy to be heading into winter and slowing things down and leaving spaces wide open in my calendar, diary, planner and in my head and heart for new unknowns.x

  • fromthekiwigirl

    Facing the right direction can sometimes mean, standing still, which I find hard to do, sometimes. I am learning to take my time and I know I cannot control the speed at which things happen, as long as my intention is right and on track…all is good.
    I have a goal sheet on my bedroom wall, which I read every day while putting on my makeup, I look in the mirror and tell myself these goals, whether they are 1 year, 5 or 10 year goals.
    Facing true north to yourself is the greatest tool I have found to have impacted my soul. I am committed to the changes I want for my life and in turn, shine the way for my son. Amen.

  • There is DEFINITELY loads of benefit in just showing up. What may seem as a small thing can blossom into something grand. I started showing up by doing 4 simple things each day – the “4-G’s of Feelin’ Good” – Goin’ (moving my body), Greens (eating more veggies), Giving (to myself and others), Gratitude (write down 3+ a day). These small changes have lead to me loosing 10 pounds, sleeping much better, clearer skin, clearer mind, trusting my intuition and have lead to me finding my purpose so I can share it with others. That’s a whole lot of benefit from just showing up!

  • I’ve also struggled with AI and have had Crohn’s on and off for 20 years; on and off medication depending upon how much I let go of the control, follow the flow and just be. I also write a blog and to ensure the integrity of it, I will only post honestly and authentically. That’s what I love about this site. Sarah is pure and honest. There are bumps and there are those glorious moments when you know you’ve been showing up and going with it. I need to focus on that more. Thanks for the great blog!

  • Christine Lines Freeman

    Yes, I needed this, I recently found out that I am ADD. AT 55 years old. I am working through my disappointment with my not getting things done in a timely manner and always being frustrated with myself. I now kno that these problems which I struggle with are due to a condition and not to my being lazy or unorganized. I have been told by my counselor to just get started and don’t worry about how much you need to do or how much you will get done, but to just get started. I am sure that Gabbys book is a resource which I shouldn’t be without!

  • Michelle

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January that had already spread to my bones. This is despite the fact that I had been seeing one of “the best breast specialists in Sydney” for other breast issues last year. I’m now in my hometown of Perth and my oncologist had put me onto Tamoxifen for 3 months. I’ve just found out that though that seemed to be working on my breast, it wasn’t working on my bones, and the cancer (which I prefer to call “the shit storm” to give it less power) has spread further into my bones. Of course, this has completely thrown me; I feel adrift and off balance; upset and angry – I somehow feel as if the doctors have let me down. BUT… I am working on “facing the right direction” again, committing to my diet and nutrition plan, working with my naturopath, getting as much spiritual and energetic healing as I can (and trying not to go broke in the process!) and being gentle with myself. Life eh?

  • Kylie Reeves

    Hello Sarah and crew.
    I have the tendency to quadruple book things or build my commitments up to be bigger than they are (regularly) and because of my flipperty jibbert, scattered and sensitive soul, I burn out often!! I read this article and Gabby does sound like the real deal to me! Just showing up has hit the nail too, because so frequently I get myself into ‘that state’ of mind, wanting to run and hide due to my own ridiculous scenarios I have already decided will happen!! Please give me this little gem of inspiration!! I am dying to read the juicy tips! Cheers, Kylie ;0) Happy Froiday!

  • Nicole D.

    My facing the right direction involves taking a sideways step off the hamster wheel- once and for ALL!!