When I wrote Simplicious Flow I pivoted the whole book from a huge survey I did with you guys. More than 3000 of you responded and there were 7000-plus comments and questions for me. Call me a sucker for flaggelation, but I went through every one of them and then wrote the book to attend to your questions.

You wanted to know what to do with celery (beyond dumping in soup), whether used by dates on spices are legit, how to combat toddler waste…and what to do about salad leaves in bags. I put together entire chapters that combat the behemoth waste issues (see below). Like how to empty your freezer of frozen bread dregs (we make a lush Hummingbird Cake).

But to salad leaves in bags. Let me say it straight: they are a con. The best way to make wet delicate leaves go rank and slimy? Put them in plastic. This is exactly what supermarkets do. Within a day or two, of course, they go rank and slimy in your fridge. So you chuck them. Then you buy another bag. My solution? Don’t buy them. Ever. Buy whole lettuce or rocket or spinach. And store them right (details in Simplicious Flow).

Big thanks to everyone who took part in the survey. Hopefully I answered all your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask below…